Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Causes of pain

A good diagnosis is the first step to a good treatment. There are 6 basic causes of pain that I see in clinical practice. Pain can be from something vascular, organic, sclerodermal, neurogenic, discogenic and muscle pain. A good clinical consultation can help to narrow the diagnosis or improve the outcome of the treatment.

Two of the most common misconceptions concerning pain is that tissue damage must always occur to feel pain and that the feeling of pain is always proportional to the severity of tissue damage or injury. What is true, is that the perception of pain varies greatly between people, circumstances and even during different stages of life. Pain can also vary depending on changes within the nervous system that make it easier to feel pain or if there is any damaged tissue due to overuse, disuse, re-injury, weakness, atrophy, disease or limitations of matter. You will discover that consciousness, education, awareness, and action are essential for successful treatment.

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