Monday, October 31, 2011

Injury Resources

There are many risk factors related to the POTENTIAL of a trauma to cause an injury. 

Each patient and traumatic event must be individually evaluated. Evaluation should be broken up into pre injury factors, collision specific factors, and post collision factors. 
Based on scientific and medical literature there are two major factors that determine the occupants risk for injury. These factors are:

 1. Human risk factors or variables (age, general health, diseases that slow healing, long thin neck, prior injuries, degenerative spine disease, history of pain before the accident, osteoporosis, diabetic, muscle mass and various other conditions that would be specific for the occupant. But it must make clinical sense why it would increase the risk for injury.)

 2. Forces imposed on the occupant. (Vehicle specifics, position in the car, type of bumper, distance from the head to the seat back, surprise of the occupant, type of seat belt used, angle of collision, if the breaks we applied during collision, surprised by the collision, multiple collisions or if the occupants head was turned during impact. There are literally hundreds of other factors that can increase or decrease the risk of injury, and again they must make clinical sense.)

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is an independent, nonprofit, scientific, and educational organization dedicated to reducing the losses; deaths, injuries, and property damage. On its website is information concerning deaths, injuries, and property damage on most make, model and year of vehicles since 1990.  Simply go to their website click on research, then insurance loss to view statistical information on injury & vehicle damage.

Over the next few months I will go over each of the many factors that are involved in evaluation an injury case, general personal injury topics, impairment, disability, report writing and where ever the topic takes us.  This blog is for doctors, patients, attorneys, claims adjusters and who ever else may be interested in injury cases. But remember this blog is not medical, legal or claim advise, use this blog at your own risk (gotta get the disclaimer in).

The blogs are scheduled for once a week. Feel free to sign up / "follow" my blog and please comment or ask questions!

Thanks, Dr. Chris Connelly, DC

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