Tuesday, January 31, 2012


2. Diagnosis

In 80% of cases the cause of pain cannot be established.
Quebec Task Force on Spinal Disorders: Spine 1987; 12:S1-S59

85% of pain patients lack a specific diagnosis.
Deyo et al: JAMA 1992;268:760-765

The diagnosis helps to determine the necessity of treatment and causation.

There is no such thing as a “chronic sprain / strain injury”.

The use of the “sprain strain” as a diagnosis after 4-6 weeks without proper documentation is not a valid diagnosis.

Of the people injured (only approximately 50% of people injured in accidents) 75% will heal within 2-3 months. These patients sustained minor injuries to their muscles and ligaments, but not to their discs or facet joints. 10% of patients with injuries will progress to chronic symptoms. These patients injured their intervetebral discs, zygapophyseal joints, or alar ligaments. These patients will not resolve spontaneously and they may become chronic. Bansley, Lord, Bogduk. Whiplash Injury: Clinical Review. Pain 58, 1994, 283-307.

We use professionally and nationally accepted guidelines that take into consideration the diagnosed conditions considering any complicating factors. (Croft, Quebec, Austrian, ABIME)


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What do I do if I have neck pain?

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What do I do if I have neck pain?