Saturday, June 23, 2012

What's That Popping Sound?

The sound of relief in a chiropractic adjustment. Pop Pop. Who knew the sounds of relief from back and neck pain could sound so good?
Those that are new to chiropractic treatment may find the sounds of an adjustment to be nerve wracking when actually the cause of the popping sounds is quite simple. Known as a cavitation event, the small popping and cracking you hear is the sound of bubbles in fluid surrounding the joint in the cavity popping. This is normal. In fact, some people’s joints crack when they simply move about. However, when joints don’t move, or don’t move well, a chiropractic adjustment can can restore proper alignment and give the joint better motion. This popping noise should actually be music to your ears if you suffer from back, joint, or neck pain of stiffness. When you receive a chiropractic treatment from Dr. Steven Schram you can relax because the pain in your joints from a misalignment is about to be relieved.
In simple terms, the sound of cavitation means that the vertebrae are being gently and properly realigned. The sound of dissolved air bubbles in the fluid around the vertebrae releasing is what makes the pop. The end result is less pressure, less pain and more importantly, allowing the nerve energy to flow more freely. This allows the area, including the joint and the muscle and tissue surrounding it to heal.

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