Monday, October 22, 2012

Inflammatory Reaction

Inflammatory Reaction
                Inflammation is a normal and necessary prerequisite to healing. Following the tissue bleeding which clearly will vary in extent depending on the nature of the wound, a number of substances will remain in the tissues which make a contribution to the later phases. Fibrin and fibronectin form a substratum which is hospitable to the adhesion of various cells.
               Complex chemically mediated amplification cascade that is responsible for both the initiation and control of the inflammatory response can be started by numerous events, one of which is trauma. Mechanical irritation, thermal or chemical insult, and a wide variety of immune responses are some of the alternative initiators, and for a wide range of patients experiencing an inflammatory response in the musculoskeletal tissues, these are more readily identified causes.
               There are two essential elements to the inflammatory events, namely the vascular and cellular cascades. Importantly, these occur in parallel and are significantly interlinked. The chemical mediators that make an active contribution to this process are myriad. In recent years, the identification of numerous “growth factors” have led to several important discoveries and potential new treatment lines. 

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