Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Role of the Patient

No matter what else you do for yourself—diet, exercise, meditation, etc.—your body and mind can function more effectively when there is less distortion and less tension in your spine.
There is no substitute for the Chiropractic adjustment. With precise adjustments, it is possible to restore this softness and breadth to persons of any age or condition. All bodies naturally return to a state of more ease when the blockages are removed. Healthy people have spines that are softer, supple, and have more breadth than people who are experiencing more dis-ease.
As a Chiropractic patient, your awareness of healthy choices and practicing these will create a successful balance in your life. Wellness is a choice and the process of seeking more information on how to improve your physical, emotional, spiritual, social, and environmental well-being.
Reports from diverse spiritual traditions suggest the contemplation of subtle energies accelerate one’s development, especially along the spiritual and subtle cognitive lines. There is an innate intelligence organizing the body, and it is superior to the conscious thinking mind, Chiropractic care helps you to align with the flow of this inner intelligence and ideally with the infinite wisdom infusing all matter.
The central focus of the doctor of Chiropractic is to optimize patient health by correcting, managing, or minimizing vertebral subluxation through the Chiropractic spinal adjustment. Included in the Chiropractic philosophy is the notion that the least invasive form of treatment should be utilized before more invasive forms of treatment. The body should be given a chance to heal from the natural innate processes prior to provocation from more dangerous and harmful therapies. This can ONLY be accomplished if there is an intact structural environment housing the nervous system, allowing for proper communication between organ systems. If all else fails, then allopathic remedies are justified.
All of creation is emerging from the same source; everything is interconnected and affects everything else. Healing is a process of reintegrating mind, body, and spirit. To measure whether the healing is progressing, ask: “Are you finding out more about yourself?”

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